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Expanding Dimensions: CCA Faculty Exhibition

Exhibition Identity System


Graphic Design: Matthew Johnson and Christopher Yamane

Curator: Mara Holt-Skov


In 2015, we were approached by curator, writer, and professor Mara Holt-Skov to design the graphic identity for the CCA's Faculty Exhibition.


"Expanding Dimensions includes projects from CCA faculty members working across the college in a variety of disciplines and media to express their ideas and pursue their passions. Their work takes many different forms and explores multiple dimensions—1D TEXT, 2D GRAPHIC, 3D OBJECT AND SPACE, and 4D TIME—all the while reaching into the invisible, intangible 5D space of EMOTION where art, architecture, craft, design and writing are capable of making the most meaningful connections with audiences."
-Mara Holt-Skov, Curator


To address the pan-dimensional theme, we began our investigation with formal explorations of the grid: a structure which contains little content itself, but conveys information with its organization, variation, and deformities. From our explorations of the grid structure, we developed a rule-based layout system which could change its arrangement and imagery with each implementation. The graphic system contains guidelines for typographic layout, icons, image masks of the sky, and grid warping, all of which allows each instance of the identity to take on new organization and color. To take advantage of the flexible structure, we produced 100 unique posters, exhibition signage, animated title wall, email announcements, and wall labels.

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