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Lucky Break Drinking Glass

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 * The glasses pictured above are just examples from each main color category.



Hand-blown glass
Dishwasher safe

Glass design: Matthew Johnson and Christopher Yamane
Graphic design: Praree Kittidumkerng
Crafted by: Christopher Yamane and Alexander Abajian


Lucky Break is dedicated to composer, visual artist, and mycologist John Cage.


This project is an exploration into how chance influences the design process. Instead of carefully composing the pattern for each cup, we developed a rigorous system for randomly selecting and applying colored shards and thin glass strings to the outer layer of the molten glass. It’s a perfect balance between engineering and Japanese Wabi-Sabi. As the strings and shards melt, the viscous properties of the material take over. The colors warp, twist, and flow as the glass is shaped and blown into a mold. By embracing chance instead of avoiding it, every cup is given its own unexpected and unique composition.


Lucky Break glasses aren’t just art that you can use every day, they also have an unexpected function. A Lucky Break glass isn’t so much a glass as it is your glass. Because every cup has it’s own idiosyncratic layout and color combination, you get to know it better and better over time. You will never have to identify your drink by where you put it down. You’ll know it like a familiar face.


To ensure that each glass comes out with a unique composition that also looks good requires a recipe that is extremely specific in some ways, but loose in others. To make each glass, the glassblower must pull color pieces from 3 of a possible 10 bins, assigned by a random number generator. For example: (9,2,3). The set of 3 color numbers also serves as an identifying code to determine how your glass fits into the family of possible outcomes. (See the instruction book below)


Because all our glass is proudly hand-blown, we designed this coloring process so that it is impossible for machines to replicate and requires a human touch. Each set comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and poster.


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These 2-color risograph posters by Praree Kittidumkerng are a graphic display of variation amongst the glasses color codes.

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